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Embrace Reform, Create Value, Share Future

Date: 2017-09-25

2016 is the starting year of “the 13th Five Year Plan” for China’s medicine industry, with new policies being released one by one, the rapid development of drug approval system, “Two-Invoice System” and Generic Drug Consistency Assessment, and the gradual implementation of new round bidding and medical insurance payment reform, etc. Only these can adapt to environmental changes can survive. Excellent enterprises always seek and hold opportunities in their each step for the final victory. In 2015, Yipinhong adhered to its values of customer first and dedications, having paved sound foundation for product development, production capacity, marketing and internal operation to overcome various difficulties and to keep sustainable and robust growth. In 2016, Yipinhong was awarded with “pharmaceutical enterprise with the most investment value in China 2016”, “Guangdong innovative enterprise” and “Guangdong credit model enterprise of the year”, etc. 

Regarding product development, Yipinhong keeps introducing outstanding talents and optimizing the QbD based R&D system to elevate technical barriers , to improve product types and structure and to enrich product lines. Currently, Yipinhong owns 91 drugs, including 13 patented drugs, 12 exclusive drugs and 12 protected traditional Chinese drugs, covering pediatrics, liver and digestion, cardiovascular problems, anti-infection, renal diseases, endocrine system and gynecology, and having formed the product system focusing on drugs for children and for chronic diseases. Additionally, Yipinhong has established several research cooperation bases including Guangdong Center of Biochemical Products Engineering, Provincial Industrial Design Center and Post-doctoral Work Base, to provide continuous guarantee for Yipinhong’s product development and innovation. 

Regarding production, Yipinhong keeps the principle of “high starting point, high standard and large investment”, having adopted automatic production, online smart monitoring and seamless process so that the entire production process is controlled, having strictly controlled product quality to ensure high quality, having significantly increase productivity by optimizing production plan and reasonably arranging workers, having passed GMP certification and unannounced inspection for wash drugs, without work accidents throughout years, being widely recognized by various authorities. 

Regarding marketing, Yipinhong keeps improving marketing service level by adhering to the value of customer first, keeps a good brand planning and improves product competitiveness to promote the development of both company and brand, keeps professional promotion in the field to create more value to partners, keeps strengthening academic resources and actively participation in academic research to provide more and better treatment plans for clinical doctors. Regarding company management, Yipinhong continuously improves internal knowledge management system, further optimizes organizational flow, enhances internal operation efficiency, and strengthens service sense to build a customer centered efficient organization, with an growing customer satisfaction over the years. Yipinhong attaches high importance to company culture and talent construction, combining employee’s personal pursuit into the long-term development of company, effectively spreading its core values and improving team cohesion. 

“Huge trees grow from small seedlings towers of nine floors are from earth.” In 2017, Yipinhong will continue its operational concepts of dedication, exploration, perseverance and excellence, with customer first, to enhance its core competitiveness and to provide quality products and all-around services for partners. Yipinhong expects the close cooperation with partners and down-to-earth actions to share a beautiful future!

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