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Yipinhong pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd registered capital of 120 million yuan, is a pharmaceutical research and development, production, sales for the core business of modern pharmaceutical enterprises. Founded in 2002, the company is headquartered in Guangzhou City, CBD Pearl River new town commercial center. Since its inception, the rapid development of business, continuously improve the comprehensive strength, has won the "national high tech enterprise", "Chinese innovation of pharmaceutical enterprises", "Chinese private technology innovation enterprise", "Chinese pharmaceutical industry the most investment value of enterprises (private)", "100 excellent enterprise", "economic and social the contribution of outstanding private enterprise" and other honorary titles.
The company has three wholly-owned subsidiaries and a holding company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Guangzhou yipinhong Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., is a chemical medicine, traditional Chinese medicine products as the core of the modern production base, covers an area of 120 acres, a construction area of about 50 thousand square meters, a freeze-dried powder, tablets, oral liquid, capsule, granule, lotion, traditional Chinese medicine extraction and other advanced production lines, and through the new GMP certification. At present, the company and a wholly owned subsidiary of the company formed by the children's medicine and chronic disease medication based product line, has a total of 91 varieties of 131 drug registration approval, including 12 exclusive products; national medicine to protect species 2 varieties and 13 patents. There are 56 varieties of national health insurance catalogs, 11 national drug varieties, and a number of varieties into the local medical insurance and local drug list. In order to further enhance the poinsettia production strength, to start the two phase of construction of production base, construction area of about 120 thousand square meters.
In recent years, the company continued to increase R & D investment, and actively introduce advanced technology and talents, and several well-known domestic universities, authoritative research institutes work closely with the establishment of Poinsettia research and development base, engineering technology center, postdoctoral innovation base and biomedical research cooperation platform, ensure enterprise development and continuous innovation. Poinsettia has obtained 56 patents at home and abroad, in the research of a class of drugs, traditional Chinese medicine and medicine more than 20.
In order to further enhance the company's business operation efficiency, strengthen the management of the company to make full use of ERP Oracle system, the internal and external information integration, service standardization management system, achieve parallel unification and BI business flow, capital flow, logistics, information flow (Oracle business intelligence analysis) to analyze the full range.
The practice of "the poinsettia poinsettia, Fukuzawa ten million corporate vision, actively participate in social welfare undertakings, carry out donations, health clinic, disaster relief and other public welfare activities, take practical action to fulfill the social responsibility of the enterprise, carry forward the great love, return to society.
For the future, poinsettia adhering to the "integrity, responsibility, innovation, high efficiency, excellent results," values, to "struggle" for the cause of human health for the mission, innovative management ideas and marketing modes, strengthen customer strategic cooperation, resource sharing, mutual benefit and win-win, to become an innovative pharmaceutical group has continued competitiveness.
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