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 Yipinhong Pharmacy Co., Ltd, founded in 2002, headquartered at Zhujiang New Town, the center of Guangzhou State-level CBD, whose registered capital is RMB 120,000,000.00, is a modern pharmacy company whose core businesses include development, production and sales of medicines. Since the establishment, Yipinhong has rapidly developed its business and continuously enhanced its comprehensive strength, having been awarded with honors including “National Hi-tech Enterprise”, “Innovative Medicine Enterprise of China”, “Top 100 Excellent Medicine Enterprises in China”, “China’s Private Enterprise with Technological Innovation” and “The Pharmaceutical Enterprise with the Most Investment Value in China”. 

Yipinhong has three wholly owned subsidiaries and one subsidiary in which Yipinhong holds over 50% of its shares. Guangzhou Yipinhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, one of wholly owned subsidiaries of Yipinhong, is a modernized medicine production company that focuses on chemical medicines and traditional Chinese medicines, with an area of over 120 mu (1 mu=666.7m2) and the phase one floor area of about 50,000m2. Many production lines having passed the new GMP certification, including lyophilized powder for injection, tablets, granules, mixtures and pre-processing and extraction workshops for traditional Chinese medicine, have been established. Currently, Yipinhong and its three wholly owned subsidiaries have formed product lines that put children drugs and drugs for chronic diseases, with 94 drugs including 11 exclusive products, 2 national protected traditional Chinese drugs, 13 patented drugs, 57 drugs that are listed into China’s medical insurance drug catalogue, 11 products that are included in National Essential Medicine list and many that are included into local medicinal insurance drug catalogue and local essential medicine lists, and 133 drug registration approvals. In order to further enhance production capacity, Yipinhong has initiated the phase 2 production base whose floor area is about 120,000m2

In recent years, Yipinhong has been enlarging R&D investment, actively introducing technologies and talents, and collaborating closely with many well-known higher schools and authoritative research institutes in China, having established provincial enterprise technology center, engineering technology research center and post-doctoral innovation and practice base as well as platforms for bio-medicine research, in order to guarantee its sustainable capacity for product development and innovation. Yipinhong has obtained 59 foreign and domestic patents and is developing more than 20 drugs including category I national new drugs, traditional Chinese drugs and new chemical drugs. 

Yipinhong has fully implemented Oracle ERP to integrate internal and external information and standardize service management system for the purpose of further enhancing operational efficiency and effective management. The Oracle ERP has enabled Yipinhong to integrate business flow, fund flow, material flow and information flow as well as the all-around analysis of Oracle BI.

Yipinhong practices the vision of “Chinese Yipinhong, Benefit Every Household” and actively performs its social responsibility by donation for education, free diagnosis and donation to natural disaster struck areas. Yipinhong adheres to its values of “credit, responsibility, innovation, efficiency, result and excellence” and assumes its mission of “dedication to human health” to continuously make innovations in terms of management concept and marketing mode and to strengthen strategic cooperation with customers, resource sharing, mutual benefit and win-win result for the dream of being an innovative medicine group with sustainable competitiveness.