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[Talent development system]

The Company provides the staffs with training and promotion development system in two directions (management and major), and eight systems (research and development technology, quality management, sales, finance, human resources, information technology, customer service, and integrated management).

♦ Primary training

Public series training, post SOP learning, etc. for new staffs

♦ Promotion training

Yipinhong auditorium, professional series training, etc.

♦ Intermediate promotion training

MTP, professional training, sales training camp, cadre training camp, etc.

♦ Senior professional training

CEIBS and leadership promotion training Q12, etc.

♦ Enterprise culture learning

Di-Zi-Gui learning, enterprise culture promotion, professional quality, etc.

♦ Sales training camp

Around training of sales series and promotion development system, organize to carry out a series of sales skills training

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