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Guangzhou Yipinhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a modernized medicine enterprise whose core businesses include R&D, production and sales of medicines. Since its established, it has rapidly developed business and continuously enhanced comprehensive strength, having been awarded with honors including “National Hi-tech Enterprise”, “Innovative Medicine Enterprise of China”, The Pharmaceutical Enterprise with the Most Investment Value in China”,“Top 100 Excellent Medicine Enterprises in China”, “China’s Private Enterprise with Technological Innovation” and “Excellent Private Enterprise that Makes Contribution to Society and Economy”.

The Company has a modernized production based with an area of over 120 mu (1 mu=666.7m2) that focuses on the production of chemical medicines and traditional Chinese medicine. The first phase floor area is about 50,000m2, in which many production lines including lyophilized powder for injection, tablets, granules, mixtures and pre-processing and extraction workshops for traditional Chinese medicine, have been established and have passed the new GMP certification. In order to further enhance production capacity, Yipinhong has initiated the phase 2 production base whose floor area is about 120,000m2

Currently, Yipinhong has formed product lines that put children drugs and drugs for chronic diseases, with 93 types (132 drug) registration approvals. Of the 93 types, 12 are exclusive products (including 10 exclusive types and 2 exclusive forms), 2 nationally protected traditional Chinese types, 13 patented types, 57 that are listed into China's medical insurance drug catalogue and 11 into National Essential Medicine list, and many are included into local medicinal insurance drug catalogue and local essential medicine lists.